Below you can find a list of the top safety pro tips provided by our most experienced and seasoned staff members that collectively have thousands of hours of experience. Your safety is our number 1 priority, and reading this list and sharing it with your group will only enhance your experience and help to ensure that you are safe and can have fun.

Traveling Tap Safety Pro Tips:

1. Stay on the bike while it's moving at all times.

2. Leaning back into traffic to try to high five motorists puts you at risk to oncoming traffic. Especially while turning.

3. DRINK WATER and pace yourself. Bring snacks!

4. Always drink responsibly. Line up a sober ride home. Schedule an Uber, Lyft, or taxi. You can always leave your car over night at any of our locations!

5. Watch your step as you exit the bike. You may not realize how high up you are and also may be stepping into moving traffic.

6. Always listen to Traveling Tap staff. Their number 1 priority is YOUR personal safety. They are there to look out for you so you can have fun.

7. Put things in your front pocket and secure loose items. Items in back pockets tend to work their way out.

8. Wear athletic clothing as you will be active. High heels, flip flops, etc. are not recommended. Closed toed shoes are your best bet. Scarfs and loose clothing can get caught in the pedals!

9. If somethings falls off the bike, please notify a staff member. They will stop the bike in a safe place and get it for you.

10. Never stop pedaling in an intersection and always listen to your driver :)

11. If everyone pedals together it makes it easier for everyone. When a few people give up, it makes it much harder.

12. It’s easy to forget where you are while you’re having fun. Always look both ways before crossing a street. Use cross walks.

13. Use the restroom when we stop

14. In Minneapolis and St. Paul it is illegal to drink alcohol in an open container in public. The second you step off the bike you can get a ticket.

15. Make good decisions :)