Traveling Tap: Safety First

Each individual rider is required to fill out a release of liability form before boarding Traveling Tap. You are encouraged to have your entire group fill this out in advance and bring with the day of tour to save time. We will have forms on hand the day of your tour in case you forget. However, this process can take up to 15 minutes so if you have it ready in advance you get more time having fun!

Each form has space for 2 people. It is only necessary that you fill out 1 area. However, 2 people may fill out the same form to save paper or if you are the legal guardian of someone under 18.

Please fill out all of the information and be sure to decline a helmet unless you are prepared to wear one for the entire duration of your tour without taking it off. Also, please don't forget to sign & date the form. Click the button to access the form. Please print a paper copy and bring it with the day of your tour. Email a copy to everyone in your group.