Drink and Pedal; never Drink and Drive!

At Traveling Tap the party never ends, and we know your night after a tour probably won’t either! To make sure you get to your next party stop safely and promptly, we have partnered up with two awesome companies—DDi (Drink and Drive Intelligently,) and Blue & White Taxi! As a Traveling Tap customer, you have the opportunity to receive exclusive deals on their services following your tour. 

  • DDi—Drink and Drive Intelligently, is a fantastic alternative for responsible transportation. DDi meets you at the Traveling Tap starting/ending location with two employees. One DDi employee drives you and your vehicle home safely. The other follows in a separate car to pick up your driver after reaching your destination. While their service is great for any occasion, we especially recommend it for suburbanites, as it can actually cost less than a long taxi ride, and your car is in the driveway when you wake up! All Traveling Tap customers receive $10 OFF DDi's services. For more information about DDi, please visit www.youdrinkwedrive.org. Talk to your Bartender or Driver for help setting up a ride. 
  • Our friends at Blue & White Taxi have helped us streamline the traditional taxi ordering process. Your ride will be at our location within minutes through their text-2-order program! All you have to do is text the corresponding Traveling Tap meeting location address to (612) 963-7173. Information cards will be available on every tour, just ask your Bartender or Driver for one! You can find ratings, reviews, and more for Blue & White Taxi at www.blueandwhitetaxi.com.

For a comprehensive explanation of these programs, please visit our Partner Promos page. By helping provide responsible transportation options, we hope to continue to see safety be a top priority for Traveling Tap customers. No matter when your night ends, please always make sure to have a safe ride home. We whole-heartedly support responsible drinking while pedaling with us—just make sure you’re never drinking and driving!