A Day in the Life: What it's like to Work at Traveling Tap!

Here at Traveling Tap, we work hard to make sure your tour experience is organized, safe, and of course…lots of fun! Our drivers, bartenders, management, and more work together to ensure we provide top-notch service. We spoke with Traveling Tap’s bartender Lauren Valencour, and drivers Garrett O’Brien and Corey Alford, to learn more about their roles and how they each contribute to our awesome team. 

What is an average workday like as a Traveling Tap driver?

Garrett: Wake up early! Once you are at the warehouse it's setup time. We go through our pre-tour checklist: clean the bike, grab ice, check the electronics and lights, etc. Then we go to wherever the group is, and that is when the fun starts. We welcome the group, get everyone signed and set up, go over some guidelines & rules and we're off!

Driving the Traveling Tap bike is like driving a huge, open truck (except at 5 mph). You have to always be on the lookout for cars, people, other bikers, and be conscious of the group. When the tour is over, I help get everything back to the group that they brought and help anyone find a ride or point them in the direction of the next bar! 

What are your main responsibilities as a bartender or driver? 

Lauren: My main responsibility is making sure that everyone stays safe. But I also like to make sure that they have a drink and are having fun! 

Corey: As a driver, my job consists of prepping the bike for the day, pulling the trailer/bike to and from the start location, and driving for the tours. But more than that, while I'm on the bike, I serve as the person with the knowledge of the Twin Cities. Overall, my job is to build a good and trusting relationship with the people on my bike and provide the absolute most carefree and fun environment while operating inside of the laws and making sure everyone is safe. I pay attention to the important stuff so others don't have to.!

Garrett: Keep everyone safe and having a good time! Be friendly, fun, and enjoy being a part of the group’s celebration.

What is the best part about your job? 

Lauren: We get to meet a ton of new people and every group is incredibly different from the next. That's what I like most about the job. As a bartender, I get to make sure everyone is doing okay, that they have a drink in their hand, and that they're having a good time! 

Corey: I have a lot to do between working with the bike, paying attention to routes, traffic, timing, and helping to keep the fun environment we're known for. But at the end of the day, I never feel like I did what most people call "work." It's fun; that's what it boils down to. The people are great, and I can't believe I get paid to have fun with them for two-three hours at a time.

Garrett: Meeting new people and being outside with people that are having a great time.

What is the most challenging part of working on the Tap? 

Lauren: The most challenging part is making sure that everyone is safe. 

Garrett: Parking! It's a big vehicle :)

Any tips for our future guests?

Garrett: Bring good drinks, music you know a range of people will like, and good company. That is all you need!

Who would make another great team member for Traveling Tap?

Corey: I would say that if you enjoy working with people, have patience, and don't mind being the person that others rely on, please apply. It's one of those rare jobs that doesn't feel like a job if you honestly love being around people!

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