Helping the World One Beer Can at a Time: Traveling Tap Celebrates Earth Day 2015

Today is Earth Day! What are you going to do to protect our world and celebrate? At Traveling Tap, we help create a more sustainable future starting with all those left over beer cans. Each year, Traveling Tap recycles between 700 and 1,000 pounds of our guests’ plastic and aluminum cans—that’s a lot of beer! The cans, in addition to beer boxes, cardboard, and more, are recycled locally in Northeast Minneapolis.

Recycling efforts go beyond beer cans and boxes, however. At the office, Traveling Tap makes sure to recycle extra aluminum and cardboard. Dan O’Brien, Operations Manager for Traveling Tap, says recycling both after tour groups and around the office is something Traveling Tap prides itself on. “We want future generations to enjoy being outside, on the Traveling Tap of course, with the Twin Cities just as beautiful as they are now,” O’Brien said. 

In addition to recycling, Traveling Tap helps keep Minneapolis clean with its zero emission service, as the 6-16 passenger mega bike is entirely run on human power. The Traveling Tap party hosts and drivers always make sure to maintain a clean environment on all of our routes around the Twin Cities. 

Traveling Tap will continue to look for ways to go green. Here are some simple ways you can make your own neck of the woods a little greener too:  

- Recycle! Most metal, cardboard, glass, paper, plastic, and of course, beer cans, can be reused

- Reduce energy consumption from your car by walking or biking to work

- Buy local produce and bring along reusable bags

- Learn how to compost food into soil

- Check out for more ideas

Would you like to celebrate Earth Day aboard the Traveling Tap? We thought so. Book your tour online, by calling (651) 260-0060, or by email at

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