Top 5 Craziest Tours

Top 5 Craziest Kinds of Tours

People ask our staff all the time about the 'craziest tours' that we've ever had. Well, as we always say: "What happens on Traveling Tap, Stays on Traveling Tap." We would never put anyone on blast, but just know that we have seen some interesting things over the years! From the downright hilarious belly laughs to bizarre head scratching moments that make you think, "Why??". We've seen it all, yet we are never surprised to see something new. Instead of putting any groups on blast, we will simply rank the craziest tours by category!

5. Family Reunions - These things can go a lot of ways. However, more times than not, we sit back and wonder how certain families were able to sustain 3 generations! Just when you think the younger generations are the wild ones, the older generations sneak up on them and prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. They are always a treat and we've had the opportunity to rock it with some amazing families!

4. 40th Birthday Parties - You haven't lived until you've experienced an authentic 40 year old birthday party before! They sneak up on you, because at first you encounter a relatively reserved group of mature adults who look exhausted after a long week of work and raising kids. A general rule of thumb, is about an hour after the babysitter shows up is when the 40 year old crowd starts to regain the energy of their not so long ago youth. Most of them don't think they can still hang anymore, but it's a big lie. They ALL can and they all WILL. Get a group of long time high school friends together, and you'd guess it's like the first time they all got drunk together! The only difference, is that this time they can all hold their liquor and the only curfew they have is with the babysitter! We've learned to not be so shocked as we are impressed.

3. 50th Birthday Parties - The 50th birthdays are a lot like the 40th birthdays. The only difference is that the smoke screen of modesty is now gone and instead of insisting that they can't hang anymore they have a chip on their shoulder and insist that they can still hang. This time around they are on a mission to prove to the world that they can still hang, and we are proud to announce that they still can!

2. Teachers - Do you remember the excitement you felt on the last day of school as a kid? It's a feeling none of us will ever forget. Well, times that excitement by 10 when it comes to teachers! We have hosted groups of teachers on the last day of school more than once and less than 100 times. We can't count how many times we've done it, and they never cease to amaze! Imagine a group of 12 year olds getting together on the last day of school and having a video game, pizza, and sugar induced slumber party.... only worse! And by worse, we mean BETTER! It's always a blast and they are always some of the nicest and most respectful guests that we get. We look forward to it every year. We had a gym teacher bring their whistle one year. That was interesting!

1. CANADIANS! - Any time the phone rings and you hear that glorious accent, you know you're in for a treat! An interesting feeling that is hard to explain with words overtakes your body. It's like part excitement and part nervous energy. A form of butterflies. You know you're in for a wild ride, but you're also excited because you know they are the most fun and hands down the nicest people. You're scared because you don't know how many more time you can handle being kissed on the cheek and having a grown Canadian man exclaim, "I love you bud!" You know that you will need an extra cooler to hold extra beer. You also know that you will need to make a pit stop at a liquor store half way through because they drank all of their beer AND the reserves. We get a lot of people that come down from Manitoba, and every time is a new and exciting adventure. WE LOVE IT!!!!!